Soko Heli Tools velcroPayment

All payments are done using PayPal. You do not have to have PayPal account to purchase! All you need is a credit card/payment method accepted by PayPal.


US orders only

We currently ship only to the US from our US warehouse.

If you order with a shipping address outside United States (in detail: an address that is not "Domestic" or "Treated as Domestic" by USPS) we will not be able to process your order and will refund your money.


Shipping outside of the United States


We offer international shipping via our product pages of our main website. But check out our retailers list on our main website first to find a retailer in or near your country.


If you live near the United States and want to be supplied from our US warehouse using USPS, please contact us (via our main website) and we will be happy to inform you of your individual shipping costs.


Order processing and shipping

Please allow us one business day to process and ship your order. We ship with USPS Priority Mail® only.